The most suitable raw material

Bamboo forest industrial bamboo products derived using best practice technology can be labeled "Co² neutral or better".

Fast Growing

Bamboo can be called “ultimate green raw material”, it is the fastest growing plant all over the world.
The growing height is depending on different species and environment, even some species can grow 1m per day.
  • 10-20YEARS GROW UP

    The hardwood tree need a few centuries to become ripe,even the softwood tree also 10-20 years.


    But bamboo just only needs 3-5 years to be able to grow to the height of timer.


    If the raw material changes into wood,it would need 500-hectare tropical rain forest to build 1000 hourses per year.


    In Coast Rica,a 60-hectare bamboo forest can provide bamboo material for 1000 hourses per year.


Bamboo is a self-regenerating raw material with a continuous production of new shoots. It does not die when it is cut down, it can replenish itself.

Ordinary trees have to be cultivated from seedlings, and need to grow for several decades to produce timber. The trees are cut and them new trees have to be planted again as seedlings to create a new forest. Bamboo grows into a forest by reproducing itself and continuously provides timber. It is a surprising resource for the future, one that contributes to global econimic growth as a green alternative to traditional timber.

Environmental & Protective

Bamboo is much like a giant lung, living forest breathe, it protects forest and human as a protector.